PCMA Convene Sept 2017 Supplement


It’s a Brand-NewDay In July, DestinationMarketing Association International officially became Destinations International. But there’s a lot more to talk about than a simple name change.

By Jennifer N. Dienst

D estinationMarketingAssociation International picked the exact right time to rebrand as Destinations International. This past year has produced significant challenges and opportunities for the industry, and it doesn’t look as though that volatilitywill changeany timesoon. Asa result, Destinations International has amped up efforts in every department, from advocacy to research to education, to help its members more thor- oughly communicate and demonstrate the value of CVBs. “WorkingwithCVBsnow isdifferent, aswithanything, [compared to] 10 to 15 years ago, with the changing markets and consolidation,” said Col- leenPhalen, CMP, CEM, executivevicepresident of programdevelopment and meetings for Destinations International. “We want to focus on what our value proposition is to the meeting planner, and most importantly, to our members.”

you’re going to really see that start to take off, and not just in terms of membership but also partnerships as well.” ADVOCATING FOR APPRECIATION One area Destinations International is heav- ily focusing on is advocacy. “We’ve spent a lot of time over the last decade underscor- ing how important it is that a CVB engage in advocacy as part of their DNA,” said Jack Johnson, chief advocacy officer for Destina- tions International. “I think we’ve won that battle,andIthinkeveryoneunderstandsthat.” Now, Destinations International wants to prepare CVBs for new challenges, like the close call that VISIT FLORIDA recently faced in terms of its funding, or event boycotts resulting from discriminatory legislation. “We are trying to … provide tools, education, and research to our members, but we are also trying to focus on two specific areas,”

for us as an association,” said Andreas Weissenborn, director of research and analytics for Destinations International. “We had the ‘I’ before, but I think in 2018

Destinations International is also seek- ing to live up to its new name. “Dotting the ‘I’ in international is going to be one of the biggest and most exciting things




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